Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas: The Seemingly Busiest Time of the Year!

I know I haven't posted much recently; I intend to do some reading of blogs and such tomorrow. Yesterday was Genna's kindergarten Christmas show, and today Aileen had to see the doc to get a load of wax dug out of her ears... Again.

Tomorrow night we are going to see the dress performance of the Dayton ballet's Nutcracker. (Except Genna; she is too little to stay up so late and will be spending the night with her grandmother.)

 I have never seen this in person, and neither have the kids, so it should be quite an experience!

Here are a couple of pics from last night's kindergarten performance, a pic with Santa, and a couple of pics thrown in from the Cincinnati Zoo's Festival of lights... The new elephant house with kids in the foreground and the tree at the entrance:


USA_Admiral said...

Those are some great pictures.

Same here Brooke, Christmas just gets very busy. Less time for blogging.

The 0bama is ruining my good cheer.

Keads said...

Great Pics! Yes Christmas is a busy time of year. I still have not got the Christmas cards out and the decorating around here is as good as its going to get!

Chuck said...

Kids always come before this. These moments go by fast, we're almost done with the Christmas play thing. It's sad.

The Nutcracker is great live. You sit there and feel yourself losing track of time while you watch it. Have fun

Always On Watch said...

You've got some great pictures here, Brooke.

Merry Christmas!

Brooke said...

USA: It seems as if there aren't enough hours in the day!

Keads: Thanks. Blogger posted them a bit out of order from what I intended, though. :)

As far as our decorating: We have a three-foot pre-lit tree. (I prefer live with c-7, but this year finances got in the way.)

I put the tree up w/skirt on an end table, opened up a couple of boxes of shatter-proof ornaments and told the kids to go to town. They took care of it and had two hours of fun doing so!

Chuck: Thanks. I have to check to see if it's still on later; the roads are a bit hazardous due to a snow storm early this morning!

Keep your fingers crossed.

AOW: Thanks! Merry Christmas to you and Mr. AOW! :)

WomanHonorThyself said...

awesome Brooke..what lovelies!!!

BATMAN said...

Beautiful kids :)

Enjoy the conservative nutcraker ;)

cube said...

Beautiful shots, Brooke. And yes, it is a busy time. Every year, I rethink the fast pace of it all and I vow to cut back on some activities, yet every year, it just gets busier *sigh*

Paul Champagne said...

Thanks for sharing Brooke ... it looks magical.

Brooke said...

Angel: Thanks!

Jeff: Thanks! The Nutcracker was awesome... Seeing on TV and seeing in person are two different animals.

Best moment of the evening: Connor leaned over and asked if this was the sort of thing people did before TV. HAHAHAHAAA!!!

Cube: It does seem to, no matter what!

PC: Thanks. :)