Friday, December 17, 2010

For the 'gansta' in your life who has everything; Subs:

Yes, this is a real thing. I. Kid. You. Not.


You're too busy to entertain your cat. Let your iPad do it for you.


Keads said...

Uh....(Blank Stare)......Uh....That is a mass of suck and fail right there! Why not get a virtual cat? They are probably cheaper than an iPad, right?

Chuck said...

It's like a garter belt. Sadly my middle son needs this

Chuck said...

I almost thought the dog's "whatever" reaction was funnier.

Also, keads, virtual cat litter is easier to clean and smells better

Brooke said...

I had the same reaction! HA!

Chuck, I loved the dog. For all of the hoopla about cats being smarter, the dog just had a WTFever moment and left. :) Heeeheee.

As for the garter thingie... Remember when guys used to wear them for socks instead of drawers? Just sayin'.

beamish said...

This baggy style is why fat people can't find clothes in their size. This lack of clothing for fat people causes them to wear clothing too small for them, resulting in the government percieving a need to tax potato chips higher.

A positive result is that criminals can't run very fast when their inseam is at knee level.

Always On Watch said...

An iPad game for cats? I think not.

My three kitties will stick with their catnip. **wink**

USA_Admiral said...

Does this mean the perps can now run from the police without holding up their drawers (That makes for some great video BTW)?

Even cats need entertainment. That dog is sure that darn cat has lost it's mind in the video.

Brooke said...

Beamish: The fact that pant-garter wearer is going to spend $2 more at Wal Mart for extended sizes and then purchase the belt is just wasteful, eh?

I can solve the running criminal thing with a bullet. Who says they've got to be facing? If you run, you must be guilty...

AOW: My kitty tortures the Pit Bull for her entertainment. ;)

USA: That does make hilarious video!

The dog was great, wasn't he? :)

cube said...

Hate the garter idea because it perpetuates the whole dragging pants fad which needs to fade.

As far as the iPod ap for cats... I guess cats will chase everying, including giant sperm.

Loved the dog's reaction. That was sweet.