Monday, May 10, 2010

Female Genital Mutilation in America... Condoned.

I hate dhimmitude. That's the nicest thing I can say after reading this story: 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested a new way to fight female genital mutilation in the United States: Allow doctors to give girls a “nick” down there. In a policy statement titled “Ritual Genital Cutting of Female Minors,” the Academy suggests that allowing such a ritual could serve as a way to “build trust” with immigrant families and prevent parents from sending their girls overseas for far more extensive, and potentially life-threatening, procedures. It’s a “possible compromise to avoid greater harm,” the statement says. [...]
Dr. Lainie Friedman Ross, one of the statement’s authors, compared it to an ear piercing. It wouldn’t involve the removal of skin, instead it would be more like “a pin prick, a drop of blood.” As she described it, the “nick” would be ritualistic and symbolic. Ross strongly disagreed with an Equality Now press release saying that the Academy’s statement “essentially promotes female genital mutilation.” Much of the five-page statement takes care to emphasize the Academy’s opposition to “all types of female genital cutting that pose risks of physical or psychological harm,” as well as the need for education to eradicate the demand for such procedures. “In an ideal world, there would be no female genital cutting,” said Ross, but we clearly do not live in an ideal world.“If you just tell people ‘no,’ they go elsewhere,” she explained, adding that a “nick” should be seen as an “option that’s not ideal but is better than its alternatives.”

(A link to the AAoP site.)

Are you freaking kidding me? The AMERICAN Academy of Pediatrics is willing to legitimize the barbaric, misogynistic practice of female genital mutilation by doing a 'mock up' cutting? 

Good God Almighty, why not just start training witch doctors, AAoP? Have you any credibility left?

First of all, I don't give one shit about "building trust" with "immigrant families", ie MUSLIMS most likely from the most backwater African places, as this is where FGM is typically practiced. Although FGM predates Islam, it is in the Koran and therefore not only some archaic social custom.

And why compromise on a practice that is "not ideal but better than it's alternatives?" No kidding. IDEAL would be labeling the practice barbarous and condemning it. Instead we have a bleeding heart liberal idiot mentality that is incapable of realizing that some cultures are INFERIOR. Now, instead of rejecting misogyny, we let the misogynist simply practice a 'lite' version of it.

Also, I have a hard time believing that an "immigrant family" would settle for anything less than fully mutilating their daughter if they need FGM.

Here's a though... In AMERICA, why don't we charge someone who allows FGM to be performed on their  daughter with child abuse and jail them?  (Which is a lot nicer than what I would do.)

Finally, FGM is not the same thing as male circumcision. While it is true that there is a Jewish/Christian connotation to circumcision, it does not leave the penis mangled; the male is still able to function properly and enjoy sex. FGM is a way of insuring that the little woman in question doesn't get too hot and bothered and stray from her 'husband'.

Symbolizing this mutilation with a "nick" is it's own act of barbarism.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Now really, Brooke. You need to be more tolerant so that the entire world gets along better. Those young ladies are making a sacrifice to make the world a better place to live.

That's the mindset of these idiots. I think it's time that America refocuses - less secular and more morality.

Alexander Münch said...

Israel is a country that is hardly ever associated with FGM.

I was sure that FGM had been over and done with in Israel long ago but the last case was reported in 2008 after a Bedouin girl suffering from heavy blood loss was hospitalized.

I remember that the case ended with jail time!


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I saw in the PDF file that the pediatricians considered it the same as an ear-piercing.


I wonder what they'll consider "nick"ing next.

Chuck said...

Same as an ear piercing? Nice

Actually, I find that these physicians groups have become much like most other large politically charged organizations. The leadership is far removed from the people they serve

Brooke said...

Steve: I know. I should just shut my brain off and not care.

I have a hard time believing that a secularist could be this cruel. You have to be a hard-core, non-thinking asshole misogynist 'inclusive' useful idiot to condone this, and I think I probably left a few out, this pisses me off so much.

AM: If you ever see one of these 'rituals' it is enough to sicken. Dirty tools, no anesthetic, ect.

In the link above, not only is FGM sometimes done to erase a woman's sexual pleasure, but also to 'tighten' things up and INCREASE the man's at the same time.

It is beyond vulgar that the AAoP would give this ANY kind of a nod.

PCC: EXACTLY. What crap.

Chuck: I agree. They have abdicated the oath to do no harm in favor of PC politics.

USA_Admiral said...

Do you ever wonder that if the Godless/liberal sickness in this country will ever end?

I read this stuff and I get ill because children are completely defenseless relying on parental protection.

The American Academy of Pediatric has sunk to a new low.

Brooke said...

Just when I think it can't get any more base, the left never fails to show us a new low, USA.

Brooke said...

A further thought.

As I mentioned, male circ. does not leave the penis non-functional. When a male is circ'ed, glucose and anesthesia is used.

I know this first-hand, having worked an OB hospital floor.

Will the AAoP use similar treatment for their "nicking"?

USA_Admiral said...

Then they try to play it down by giving it a term like "Nicking". Sickening.

WomanHonorThyself said...

yup Brooke..say hello to sharia!

beamish said...

Not sure if FGM is specifically commanded or advised by the Koran, but pleasing a woman doesan't seem to have the priority in Islamic cultures as it does in all others.

Alexander Münch said...

Yes, Brooke. I have seen the "ritual"!... back in 1982 in Lebanon!
I have seen the "Tool", the "results" on the carpet... the burial ceremony of the "left overs"...
and the most shocking 'thing':- The "Surgeon" ! A living Neanderthal !!!
The poor 8 years old girl was clinically dead when IDF's doctors arrived!
She was flown on a chopper to Haifa!...

Snarky Basterd said...

Apparently far too many idiots don't get it that they don't want our "trust." They want our blood.

Always On Watch said...

I posted on this last week at IBA, but not nearly as eloquent as your posting, Brooke.

I tell you this: last Friday night, when I first read about this dhimmitude on the part of a BIOETHICS COMMITTEE, for God's sake, I got so angry that my ears started ringing from high blood pressure. I had to turn off the computer and go to bed. I didn't sleep very well.

It's time to put an end to any and all immigration of Moslems. They're going to take down our Western culture.

Always On Watch said...

Check out these photos of FGM.

Coming soon to America if we don't draw the line and hold the line.

Brooke said...

Thanks, AOW.

The pictures are horrifying. I wonder if the AAoP bothered to look into an ACTUAL account of mutilation, or if they simply 'intellectualized' it?

Always On Watch said...

Just wait until Moslem doctors are called in for "the nick"! There will be full FGM, then.

Anonymous said...

An exceptional post, Brooke. By all means, let us perpetuate a cultural symbol of relegating women to the will of men. And where is the outrage of the National Organization for Women? I must have missed it. But the correct word here is “horrible.” If we can agree on no more than that, then let’s stop this nonsense, among girls and boys.

Brooke said...

AOW: Absolutely. I'd be amazed if it isn't going on 'unofficially' right now.

Mustang: Thanks.

NoW is absolutely irrelevant. The only thing they do is raise money for far leftists and promote baby killing.

Equality Now, linked above in the post is so far the only rights group who has decried this barbarism.

Krystal said...

Little boys get mutilated in this country all the time...

cube said...

Unbelievable. Words fail me. Too much insanity all around for my brain to process.