Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You're All Fired!

Out of Rhode Island:

What do you say?

I hope the entire union goes down in flames. This is just another example of why they no longer do any good for anyone but themselves.


cube said...

I say, way to go, Gallo! I don't think the requests were onerous at all. Imagine a teaching being asked to teach.

Paladin said...

At one time, unions evolved to address grevious issues that got people worked into an early grave.

Now they are often an anchor that threatens to sink entire industries. What they never stop to consider is that if the "ship" goes down, it will take all the employees down with it. Union contracts don't help the members when those contracts contribute to destroying the core business that hires them.

Krystal said...

The school has a 50% failure rate, and the teachers are making $72,000 a year?!

They all should deserved to be fired anyway. I hope others follow this woman's lead!!!

Chuck said...

Way past due. Need more Superintendents like her.

Always On Watch said...

There will be plenty of others lined up to take those jobs, too. And most of those others will be qualified teachers.

Unionizing teachers has been a horrific mistake.

BATMAN said...

Teachers should be paid (at this school anyway) on a merit system. That should bust them down below the median income...

Krispy said...

I LOVE this story. As a parent of a school age son, there's nothing that disgusts me more than a complacent, lazy, tenured union teacher. This whole bunch needs to be out on their asses. And Frances Gallo is my new hero.

WomanHonorThyself said...

nice find Brooke..exactly what paladin said as well!:)

Brooke said...

Cube: An extra 25 minutes per day for someone who makes nearly triple the median local income?

I mean, who wouldn't be outraged?

Paladin: I agree with you completely. Time to do away with what has become a corrupt and useless tool.

Krystal: As do I.

Chuck: Agreed!

AOW: I certainly hope so! You're right, unionizing teachers has done irreparable damage to our school system.

Batman: LOL! If I worked at McDonald's and couldn't flip burgers more than 50% of the time, I'd be GONE.

Krispy: Agreed!

Angel: He's on the mark. :)

Anonymous said...


Cheers to Gallo!

Two of my best friends are teachers here in TX...make far less than this, stay late to help those in need, and work WEEKENDS on lesson plans.

Public schools are a mess as it is without the teachers' unions making it worse.