Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pay Your Jizya.

At the same time that the Netherlands are trying to utterly destroy free speech by trying Dutch politician and activist Geert Wilders for "insulting Islam", we have even more dhimmitude at play in Gouda:

GOUDA, 17/02/10 - Gouda local council has given criminal Moroccan teenagers money to stop causing trouble. "We wanted to prevent matters from escalating further," said the council yesterday.
Some dozens of young Moroccans waylaid and robbed passers-by in December. They were 'bought off' by the municipality to keep them off the street around New Year's Eve. They received a combined 2,250 euros, shoved into an envelope, to organise a party, De Telegraaf reported yesterday.
Gouda has confirmed that it paid the troublemakers. "We wanted to prevent maters from escalating further. The youngsters themselves had presented a budget for the party. They had to say how much money they needed for hiring a disc-jockey, a bite to eat and drinks. For us, it was important that it should be quiet in the district around the turn of the year."
According to the council, it had to act quickly. "Although the money was handed over in cash, it was well-spent. Everyone was happy afterwards. We also gave five Moroccans a gift voucher for a book shop afterwards as a thank-you," says a spokeswoman.

That's right, you filthy kuffar. Pay the jizya or we'll raise a little hell.

Notice how the article was careful to say "Moroccan teenagers" instead of MUSLIM teens?

Here's a crazy idea... Instead of "buying off" these punks, how about hunting the little thugs down and throwing them in jail? Or better yet, send their criminal asses back to Morocco?

Rather, they let these gangsters dictate terms and demand money for a little party, and then handed over cash and said it was money well spent?!? And then a reward for not causing trouble after the fact?!?

Are you fucking kidding me?!?

Honestly, the Netherlands should just go ahead and submit itself to Muslim rule and get a proper Islamist name and some Sharia law going. They're less than a hair's width from it, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Here in Georgia we call that the "protection racket" and the Hispanic gangs practice it very conscientiously. I guess the Hajis have caught on now.

Anonymous said...

The people of Netherstan apparently haven't learned how effective ... and how relatively cheap bullets are.

I'd call this "removing corruption one dead Muslim at a time." But then again, I'm no politician.

Mustang out

Anonymous said...

I refuse and will respond by throwing a fitna —a term for stirring up trouble, which is proscribed by the Koran—.

Anonymous said...


Does one feed a rabid dog that threatens to attack?

beamish said...


::plans money making trip to Amsterdam::


Snarky Basterd said...

I think government officials in the Netherlands have been spending a little too much time at the hash bars.

Chuck said...

Truth is we kind of do the same thing here. We are constantly throwing money at inner city kids to buy their compliance and keep them out of trouble. I'm not opposed to rec centers and things like that because I think kids do need something to keep them busy. Some of the inner city programs though are really nothing more than bribes to keep them quiet.

Brooke said...

Hermit: I'd take a bet on where the Hispanics learned it...

Mustang: Exactly. Force met by retreat leads to slavery.

FJ: Go for it! You might not wind up on trial here... Yet.

Jen: Generally, as Mustang said, one would shoot it.

Beamish: You'll have to grow your beard out and do your best impression of an uncivilized beast, but that could work... ;)

SB: Well, that won't be allowed by their Islamist overlords for much longer.

Chuck: You have a good point. They take the money and run!

Krispy said...

Makes me think about a British bank that was pressured into doing away with a piggy bank promotion a few years ago. Local authorities feared the pig-shaped banks would offend the local Islamists.

All these Europeans who bend over for the Muslim haters deserve exactly what's coming at 'em.

(my word verification word is bonceoli. Sounds like something that would be good with alfredo.)

cube said...

Thugs, whether in the Netherlands, or in Chicago, should be rounded up and jailed if they break the law. No exceptions for race or religion.
Giving them money ensures they will come back for more.

Always On Watch said...

See this, and read the comments too.