Sunday, December 13, 2009

Minnesota: Another Cartonnifada?

From this source:

A St. Cloud human rights group has offered a $1,000 reward in the hopes of finding the person responsible for posting anti-Islamic cartoons in the city this week.

Create CommUNITY, a nonprofit organization that promotes racial harmony, announced Friday that the money would be posted with the Tri-County Crime-Stoppers for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

The crude cartoons were found stapled to a pair of utility poles Tuesday.

They depict the prophet Mohammed in derogatory ways, the Qur'an and a swastika. One of

the posters was stapled to a pole outside the Mandeeq Shop, a discount store named in honor of the native name for Somalia.

The city attorney's office is investigating whether the cartoons violate any criminal statutes and, if they do, the case could be treated as a bias crime.

Police have received tips in the case but have made no arrests.

I know there is a high Muslim population in Minnesota... That said, are we really so weak as to allow another cartoonifada and government dhimmitude, this time on American soil?!?

I am flabbergasted beyond words.

Oh, and perhaps the swastika thing is being taken as an insult because we fail to teach history in this country:

Not to mention that depicting Mohammad in an insulting fashion is that difficult of a thing to do...
We are speaking about the Pedophile Prophet who took a six-year-old girl as a br
ide well after he
was 50 years old, and 'consummated' the 'marriage' when she reached the ripe old age of nine.

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