Sunday, December 13, 2009

Imam: Catholic Jihad?

Found at this site:

Muslim leaders said Friday the five American youths arrested in Pakistan for allegedly attempting to join the al Qaeda network were lured through the Internet into embracing terrorist ideology and that they will wage a cyber counterattack.

"This is a wake-up call involving our youths — Muslims and Catholics," Imam Mahdi Bray said outside the Islamic Circle of North American Center, the Northern Virginia mosque in which the men worshipped and participated in youth-group activities. "They see great injustices, and their emotions and passions are stirred, as they should be. … But we are determined not to let religious extremists exploit the vulnerability of our youth through slick, seductive and destructive propaganda on the Internet. We will respond in kind on the Internet. Silence in cyberspace is not an option."

Ok, kudos for speaking out against cyber terror recruiting, Imam, but since when do we need to worry about Catholic youths becoming terrorists?!?

Since when do Catholics go on jihad?!?

Did anyone challenge that? Did the paper try to contact him for clarification? Of course not.

Sometimes, I just can't take it...

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