Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Belated Memorial Day

Let me just start off by saying, yes, I know that Memorial Day is to honor our fallen soldiers.

That said, I think we must keep in mind that our living soldiers could, at any moment, be asked to give all in defense of this country and her People.

I haven't posted in a while due to work, which included a long shift on the holiday yesterday.

I have a bumber sticker that says, "My brother is in the Army" and looks like this:

When I came out to go home, someone had written on a napkin, "Tell your brother THANKS!!!"

Sometimes I forget that people can be so good. What a heart warmer that was... And I got a call from my brother last night almost immediately after I got home. No reason, he said. Just wanted to chat with his Sis. He was touched when I told him about the note.

My gratitude to the person who took the time to leave that note under my windshield wiper.

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