Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hi, All!

Hi everybody.

Sorry I haven't been reading or posting much lately. Work has been crazy with the Easter holiday, and I've had a cold with a nasty cough for the last week and a half or so.

After I got to work for a couple hours yesterday, I started coughing more and getting short of breath just trying to lift cases of soda or whatever.

My boss looked a bit concerned and sent me home, and when I started to run a fever I figured I just couldn't kick this bug on my own, so I went to the doctor's...

Turns out I wound up getting a breathing treatment, a chest x-ray, an inhaler for home, anitbiotics and a prescription expectorant.

The doc suspects I have a bad case of bronchitis or a possible pneumonia... That's a bummer because I just took the pneumovac a couple of months ago!

Anyway, I find out Thursday, but since I'm now on a 'medical vacation' for a few days, I plan on doing a bit of catching up.

See 'ya around!

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