Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now That They've Fixed the Economy...

...Let's give 'em universal health care! 

Bush's speech last night was a sugar-coated line of B.S. He looked scared to death, unkempt, and tired. 

I'm no economic expert, but at several points I found myself thinking, "Just say DEPRESSION! STOP sugar-coating!"

I sure hope McCain knows what he's doing... If this nightmare bailout somehow works out, he'll get to take credit. If not, he's done.

If it does work out, Obama is going to be screwed by his refusal to do anything.

Also, since Congress adjourns for the year, Obama's refusal to delay the debate by just a few days makes him look like an ass. He'll look even worse if he shows up to the debate hall by himself while McCain is working.

Your thoughts, please? 

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