Monday, April 23, 2007

"Peaceful" Islamists On Trial For Murdering Bible Publishers

You've gotta love the tolerance and peacefulness of Islamofascists... While we dirty kuffars aren't even allowed to touch the Koran that we willingly provide for them in Gitmo, they're not only restricting ownership of the Bible in Islamic countries, they're killing the publishers.

Amazingly, in Turkey, the authorities are actually taking the murderers of three Christian Bible publisher to trial! I can't wait to see what sort of sentence they'll get if convicted...

I wonder if the jihadis realize that these three Christians are very definition of a martyr... They were murdered for their religious beliefs by others; they didn't kill themselves while slaughtering other innocent people.


ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - A court jailed five suspects Sunday on murder charges linked to the killings of three Christians who were tied up and had their throats slit at a publishing house which had drawn protests by nationalists for distributing Bibles.
Six others were released pending trial, the court said. It was unclear what charges the six faced and a trial date has not yet been set. A 12th suspect, who tried to escape from police by jumping from a fourth-floor balcony at the scene of the killings, remains hospitalized in stable condition and was expected to be charged later.

The three victims—a German man and two Turks who converted to Christianity—were killed Wednesday at a Christian publishing house in Malatya.

The attack added to concerns in Europe about whether the predominantly Muslim country—which is bidding for European Union membership—can protect its religious minorities.

Christians make up just a fraction of 1 percent of Turkey's population of 71 million.

Here's a quote from one of the murderers:

"We didn't do this for ourselves, but for our religion," Hurriyet newspaper quoted a suspect as saying. "Our religion is being destroyed. Let this be a lesson to enemies of our religion."

Religion of peace? Hmmmm....

(Kevin at The Amboy Times has more on this subject.)

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