Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to ObamaCare...

And yes, perhaps the title of this post is a bit facetious, but the same administration that wants to foist its version of healthcare upon us is responsible for this:

Read the rest here. It is truly disturbing.

I say, not one more red cent of taxpayer money goes to these barbaric hellhole countries. No more foreign aide. No more.

Not one more drop of American blood wasted on these animals. Not one more American boot in their shit-hole countries.

Every single official that turned a blind eye to this for political expediency should be impeached, tried, convicted and thrown in the deepest, darkest hole we can find. And yes, that goes all the way to the top. To think that Mr. "He calls me Bill", whether that be the President himself, or VP, or some other top dog would allow such suffering and waste to occur so as not to look bad during an election year is, as the article suggests, Nazi-esque!

Just when I think this deplorable administration cannot offend or sicken me anymore, I wake up, put on the news and find a new low.


Z said...

"American Generals KNEW?"

and a Republican has to be the whistle blower again.
This is HORRIFYING, Brooke...
I can't watch more while i type, so let me just say I agree with you...anybody who knew has to GO.
I just heard the part of how "he calls me Bill"...
I'm stunned CNN had this on, aren't you?

Brooke said...

I am stunned by that, Z. But I'm glad that someone, had the stones to bring this to light, even if we didn't suspect the source that did, would.

USA_Admiral said...

How far we have fallen. Will we have to see this come to pass?