Saturday, July 14, 2012


We decided to keep the kitten the kids found about a month and a half  back.

They named her Nibbler off Futurama because they're hooked on that show and the kitten is really food aggressive. We're working on that with training...

Today, the county pound held an even sponsored by Naked Dingo foods. The first 25 pets got a free microchip, with free activation, with every other pet charged only $10. A HUGE savings when compared to what the vet charges!

We made #16! Yeah! We also scored some swag; a free tee, and lots and lots of free food and treat samples!

Here is little Nibbler:

She hollered a bit during the chipping. The needle they used looked like a garden hose! Still, she was able to pose with the staff afterwards!

Nibbler will meet the vet again on August first to be spayed. Wish us luck!


Always On Watch said...

Awwwww! What a cutie!

If we get another pet, we going to have that pet microchipped.

My MIL, who used to wander far and wide when she could walk -- she's forgotten how to walk now because of advanced Alzheimer's -- was microchipped. Handy!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all ... and more to come.

Brooke said...

It's a good thing to have!

I can feel the chip under her skin, as she's still tiny.

Alligator said...

I see a spoiled baby under development here.

Brooke said...

Gator: From day one. :)

I can say this for her; with the food aggressiveness comes a VERY high prey drive. When she's a little bigger, gawd help any pest that enters the house!

Brooke said...

AOW: I really do think that animals get dementia. Our Great Dane, Fortune turned eight early this year; up there for a Dane!

In her prime I trained her and she passed the Canine Good Citizenship test. Now, I find myself repeating commands all the time.

Right now, she's going through a stint where she only wants a particular dog food brand. Well, I figure when she gets hungry enough, she'll find the food bowl.

Z said...

A cutie, indeed! I like "Nibbler"...cute!


USA_Admiral said...

You haz a little tortoise shell colored darling!

All the luck I have is yours.

Alligator said...
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Brooke said...

Z, USA: Thanks!

Nibbler is insufferably cute. :)

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

awe so adorable. Give that one a big smooch on the head for me will you? Good luck with her.

We took in a mama and her baby few years ago. First the baby then about a year later the mama,she was not going to get caught. Mama is super smart. She's a survivor. She knows how to avoid a confrontation with our 2 others. One of ours(Misty) is the self appointed boss and everyone avoids her although she is our most affectionate. I saw mama jump right over her just to avoid a hiss and a swipe. Mostly Misty just swipes and intentionally misses just as a warning.
Plus Misty came to us 2 years prior and we believe she is Mama's sister because they showed up in the neighborhood about the same time and look similar.
I was so glad to finally catch the mama cat and keep her in. For a previously feral cat she is quite attentive to people. After we had her fixed she got a Little heavy and couldn't clean herself well and I had to clean her back and her butt with kitty wipes and she let me do it. It's really amazing,it's like she knows I am helping her.
Not many cats would let you do that. It took me almost 2 years to touch her but she would always wait for me to come outside(we had a house for her)and she would just run all over and up the tree and all over the yard like she was happy I was out there. Plus she used to sit on my front railing and look in the window for me. She's so cool.

Brooke said...

Lisa: Aw, that is AWESOME! I'll bet that momma kitty knows that you are her rescuer, too! I've noticed that animals that are adopted seem to just KNOW that they've been given a second chance!

cube said...

I knew you'd end up keeping the Nibbler. Good that you got some savings in the deal.

Now we have something else in common.... we, too, have an asymmetrical looking cat. Welcome to the club ;-)

Brooke said...

It's a good club to be in! :)