Thursday, October 16, 2008

Socialism For Kids

My oldest daughter has a speaking part in her elementary school's second grade musical.

The focus this year is patriotism. She's been learning songs like "America the Beautiful," and the "Star-Spangled Banner," along with a few others that honor our soldiers.

Sounds great, right? 

She brought home a paper detailing the speaking parts in the play that are wedged between the songs. (Hers is highlighted.) The last part is questions or requests for the next President. Here is a pic of the actual paper. 

(Click to enlarge.)


I asked Aileen if these were lines given to the kids. She said no, each kid made up a question, but the teachers picked out the ones to appear in the play.

I wonder if all the questions look like this due to the immature understanding of the children of exactly what the government is for, or if the teachers picked out "agenda questions."

I found myself telling Aileen that her line is very good, and the play will go on, but that the kid's questions were fundamentally wrong and that the government isn't hear to give you money, MAKE you recycle, save the poor people, ect.  

I explained to her that she should be able to CHOOSE whether or not she wants to recycle. If she doesn't want to be poor then she should GET A JOB and WORK for her money, as it is not the government's place to give her a cent.


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