Monday, October 20, 2008

Religion of Peace Roundup

The "religion of peace" never rests when it comes to spreading their brand of love.

First up, we have a British aide worker murdered in Afghanistan by two Taliban.

What was her crime? 

From this source

SERVE Afghanistan is a British-based Christian aid organization that focuses on community development and education and vocational training for people with disabilities.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. "We killed her for spreading Christian propaganda," Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the militant group, told Reuters by telephone.

How very tolerant. 

For all the whining we hear about "Crusaders," it seems that the holy war is coming from Islam.

Now comes a dose of backyard Sharia.

From this source: 

SEATTLE – Five Seattle-area immigrants from Afghanistan enslaved a teenage girl they brought to the U.S., with some forcing her to do chores and one — her 37-year-old husband — beating and sexually assaulting her, according to a federal indictment unsealed this week.

The girl is from an impoverished single-parent home in Afghanistan, and she was informally adopted by another family there that forced her to marry at age 13 in 2005, Emily Langlie, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office, said Thursday. The girl's husband is Mohammad Atahee, a friend of the adoptive family; U.S. officials don't recognize the marriage.

Atahee and three of the family's members were already living in the south Seattle suburbs when t

he girl's adoptive mother, Nasima Yousuf, 70, brought her to the United States in 2006, as part of what prosecutors say was a plot to enslave her. Yousuf's husband, Mohammad, 84, had filed an immigration petition to bring the girl to the U.S., claiming his wife was her biological mother.

Once in the country, the indictment said, the girl, identified only as JV1, was forced to live with Atahee, who beat her and sexually assaulted her. She was forced to spend at least three days a week at the Auburn home of Maruf Yousufi, 42, and his wife, Nahid, 29 — caring for their children, doing laundry, cooking and cleaning. Maruf Yousufi is Mohammad Yousuf's son.

The girl escaped after some good Samaritans helped her report Atahee to the police in January 2008 for sexual assault, prosecutors said. Since then, she's been at a safe house, but they won't say where.

Slavery right here in your own backyard courtesy of the "religion of peace." Isn't that lovely? 

Last but not least, we've got the terrorists followers of a pedophile using pedophilia sites to spread terror.

Kind of disgustingly poetic, isn't it? 

From this source: 

A link between terrorism plots and hardcore child pornography is becoming clear after a string of police raids in Britain and across the Continent, an investigation by The Times has discovered. Images of child abuse have been found during Scotland Yard antiterrorism swoops and in big inquiries in Italy and Spain.

Secret coded messages are being embedded into child pornographic images, and paedophile websites are being exploited as a secure way of passing information between terrorists.

British security services are also aware of the trend and believe that it requires further investigation to improve understanding of terrorists’ methods and mindsets. Concerns within the Metropolitan Police led to a plan to run a pilot research project exploring the nature of the link. One source familiar with the proposal said that this could eventually lead to the training of child welfare experts to identify signs of terrorist involvement as they monitor pornographic sites.

What can we expect from the followers of a 52 year old man who espoused violence and married a girl at six years old and consummated that 'marriage' a mere three years later? They probably think these websites being encoded with terrorism is a match made in heaven.

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