Sunday, August 5, 2007

Don't Be TOO Patriotic:

One year after getting special permission to fly an enormous U.S. flag on a 109 foot pole, Las Vegas businessman Dan Towbin has been ordered to remove it.

It seems that some anonymous leftards don't want Towbin to be too patriotic. Jingoism just isn't vogue, you know.

Besides, a big ol' U.S. flag probably hacks off La Raza.

Neighbors claim that the flag is too high and flaps too loudly. However, Towbin put in noise meters to ensure that the sound is within tolerable levels.

I say the crisp snap of a bright U.S. flag is a beautiful sound!

Towbin, for his part, has a lawyer and is ready to fight the order.

From this source:

"The American flag stays," dealership owner Dan Towbin declared. "I'm not convinced that people are complaining because of noise. This is about vindictiveness and power."

Towbin says the 30-foot-by-60-foot flag fits with his over sized dealership selling over sized cars, but rejects opponents' claims that it's an advertising tool.

"All I can tell you is we never sold a vehicle based on a flag," he said.

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