Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The "Religion of Peace" Is At It Again...

This time, the "religion of peace" has executed (or murdered, for those of you who don't buy into the PC line) a second hostage in Afghanistan.

Who was the hostage, you ask? A South Korean Christian aid worker.

Shim Sung-min was 29.

From Fox.com:

The body was found on the side of the road at daybreak Tuesday in the village of Arizo Kalley in Andar District, about 5 miles west of Ghazni city, said Abdul Rahim Deciwal, the chief administrator in the area.

An Associated Press reporter at the scene said the man appeared to have a gunshot wound to the right temple.

Shim, who had recently left his job to prepare for graduate school, had previously visited the Philippines for five days as a volunteer worker and also had served as an army officer.

His father, Shim Jin-pyo, told reporters earlier Tuesday that he wondered how the Taliban "could perpetrate this horrible thing."

"I think they act like they are not human beings," he said.

The Al-Jazeera television network, meanwhile, showed shaky footage of what it said were several South Korean hostages. It did not say how it obtained the video. The authenticity of the video could not immediately be verified.

Some seven female hostages, heads veiled in accordance with the Islamic law enforced by the Taliban, were seen crouching in the dark, eyes closed or staring at the ground, expressionless.

The hostages did not speak as they were filmed by the hand-held camera.

What a brave bunch of Muslim "freedom fighters," huh?

South Korea is starting to bend to pressure from the Islamists in order to free their hostages... And the Taliban reportedly has 21 more to go through.

I say that Karzai dispatches an armed force to kill the terrorists at any cost. Certainly, I don't want the hostages killed, but let's face it: That is going to happen any way if the Taliban gets their way.

"If the Kabul government does not release the Taliban prisoners, then we will kill after 12 o'clock — we are going to kill the Korean hostages," Ahmadi said. "It might be a man or a woman ... It might be one. It might be two, four. It might be all of them."

I say we beat them to their deadline. If the Islamists that take hostages knew that the tactic would fail 100% of the time, and they would die, no questions asked, perhaps hostage taking wouldn't be such a popular ploy with these animals.

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