Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Comedy Of Errors

The Arab League is visiting Israel, with the preposterous offer that, should they give up and evacuate all land conquered in the 1967 war, the Arabs will fully recognize them as a nation.

There's just a couple little problems with that statement:

The UN already recognizes Israel as a legitimate nation, and the war in 1967 wasn't started by those bloodthirsty JOOOOS, it was started by the ARABS, who were pissed that the JOOOOS were given land and recognized as a nation!

A little taqiyya, anyone?

If Olmert were even half a man, he would kick those filthy Arab League bums out on their butts and demand an apology for even suggesting something so absurd, and apology for past atrocities against Jewish people (the Grand Mufti and his complicity with the Nazi Holocaust comes to mind), and a cessation of all violence against Jews in the present.

But knowing Olmert, I'd say we'll just have to hold our breath and see if Olmert actually does consider this farcical meeting seriously.

Perhaps they should all watch this:

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