Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yes, We CAN!

Work has been keeping me exhausted, with little time for anything else. I turn on the radio and hear constant drivel about the next manufactured crisis (sequestration), high gas prices, and of course, gun grabbing... I thought this pic is a great palate cleanser:

(Click to enlarge.)

"Training in markmanship helps girls at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles develop into responsible women. Part of Victory Corps activities there, rifle practice encourages girls to be accurate in handling firearms. Practicing on the rifle range in the school's basement." 

Of course, Obama would disband this girl's 'corpse' right before inspecting the 'guns' to make sure their 'clips' weren't too 'high capacity.' And what about schools being 'gun free zones'?!?

Ah, we live in a different time!


Always On Watch said...

Until the liberals grabbed hold of the education system, most high schools had gun clubs.

America has devolved into Amerika.

Always On Watch said...

Are you work responsibilities driving you into the ground?

Always On Watch said...

Um, "your." Sheesh.

-FJ said...

Both of the girl's pictured now fly drones in Afghanistan...

just kidding. ;)

Z said...

"different"? ya, that's ONE euphemism for our times :-)

Great picture....Go, girls!!

Don't work so hard, Brooke; you're loved xxx

Brooke said...

AOW: Until the libs took control of the educational system, there was such a thing as common sense!

My work responsibilities are an adjustment. Before, I was working a very flexible part-time schedule. Now, I work full-time, 0800 to 1630-ish... With a small commute. By the time I get home, we have dinner and deal with the children's homework/activities, I'm just too tired to blog. The increased pay is worth it, for sure! I also have an HSA now, where before I had no insurance at all.

Today I am calling off for illness. I fear I've got a sinus infection, and with no spleen I must go to the 'little clinic' at the grocery store and try to plead for an antibiotic. Prior to this promotion, I haven't been able to see a doctor for over about two years!

I do still try to keep up as much as possible, even if I don't always comment!

FJ: They may not be, but I'll bet their great-granddaughters are!

Z: Love back at you, Z! Good to hear from you!

USA_Admiral said...

Glad to see you back!


Time is proving to be a harsh thing.

Everything is easy now so the parasites and leeches thrive. Throw in some liberals politicians and it is a recipe for disaster.