Monday, December 3, 2012

Bob Costas Is An Idiot

I mean, how else do you put it?

After the terrible story in KC this week, Bob Costas had the gall to get on the air during halftime and show his ass:

Ok, I know what you're thinking... Unfathomable? Um... Sure Bob, we all hate glurge reporting...Oh, oh... This is starting to sound kinda sanctimonious and leftist agenda-driven...

Or, oh, crap. Someone forgot to give grandpa his meds.

'Current gun culture'? Perhaps if the victim had participated in this 'culture', she'd be alive right now.

Young teens fighting over music in parking lots? Where are their parents? How did they purchase weapons? I though current gun laws forbade the acquisition of weapons by minors? Is this the only reason why urban yoooooots are murdering one another?

Handguns sure as hell do enhance my safety. I've had a couple of instances in which I was very, very glad to be in possession of one! It's pretty hard to exacerbate a flaw when an attacker leaves you dead, and it is pretty hard to avoid conflict with someone who is dead-set on doing you harm without one!

Here is what I believe... If the severely mentally ill Belcher did not possess a handgun, he would've found another method to murder his girlfriend and commit suicide... Whether by knife, rope, or bare hands.

Which do we outlaw next? I wonder what Nicole Brown Simpson would say?

Costas, you are a dope.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Postmodern cynic, do you not listen to (c)rap(e) music?

USA_Admiral said...

Yep, unbelievable. There isn't enough meds in the world to fix what is wrong with Bob.

cube said...

I was going to say that it was a good thing OJ didn't have a gun or he might've killed someone... yada, yada... but you beat me to the point. Touche.

Costas has been a whiney, limp-noodle-spined liberal for many years. I'm not surprised that he jumped on this case like a starving tick. Any opprotunity to advances the cause, right?

What really bugs me about these liberals is that they want to ban guns for people like you and me, but they have no problem with the elites having them because, well, they're elite and we're just too stupid to have a gun.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Here's what I posted on FaceBook 5 minutes after he said it:

Bob Costas can kiss my ass! He blamed the Kansas City Chiefs tragedy on a hand gun instead of murdering puke Jovan Belcher. The man murdered his girlfriend then killed himself. I have no sympathy for that asshole ... NONE!

Brooke said...

Mr. Mcgranor: Nope. I only listen to ERBs.

USA: He's gone off the rails!

Cube: Well, the elite need protection. We don't...

Odie: It's now coming out that Belcher was a drug/alcohol addled serial domestic violence offender.

But hey, it's the gun's fault, right?

Yeah, and if I didn't own a fork I wouldn't be fat...

The ONLY person deserving of sympathy in this story is the infant girl that Belcher orphaned!

cube said...

While we're on this subject, does anyone else question the decision to let Belcher's mother raise the baby?
I mean, she did do such a great job with his upbringing...

Always On Watch said...

Damn. Liberals blame everything except individual responsibility.

Brooke said...

Cube: I ALWAYS question that. You have so many grandparents raising children of simply irresponsible 'parents' today. I know of two such situations personally. Will it work out this time around? I sure hope so.

AOW: Yes. But liberals must infantilize us to control us!