Thursday, December 29, 2011

Obamas Celebrate Fabricated Racist Holiday

It's been a few years since I reposted my dissertation on the clumsily cobbled together and completely made up racist holiday known as Kwanzaa, created by a violent black supremacist Ron Everett, who later changed his name to Maulana Karenga.

I couldn't let it go this year, however.

The Obamas, having screwed up Hanukkah and having wasted piles of taxpayer money on a Christmas vacation to Hawaii now, in the spirit of umoja, are wishing ignorant blacks and go-along ignorants of other races a happy Kwanzaa.

Story here.

The Obamas should be ashamed of perpetuating this scam. Please see my original post on Kwanzaa here.


USA_Admiral said...

Ashamed of themselves, never. Ashamed of America, always.

They just do not care about anyone else but themselves. Imagine what their kids are going to turn out like.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You will never convince them that they did anything wrong.

Always On Watch said...

Have the Obamas made a big deal about Kwanzaa before this?

I don't recall.

In any case, Obama is shilling for votes all over the place -- on every holiday.

In fact, never before did the Obamas make such a big deal about the National Christmas Tree until this year. More shilling for votes.

Alligator said...

When you study the history of real holidays you just don't find a magical date where "voila" everyone accepts and celebrates an event.

Take Christmas for example, as it has generally been celebrated in this country from the mid-19th century to today. Christmas traditions have their roots in multiple cultures going back centuries, some are pagan in origin but others clearly Christian in origin.

There were periods of time where certain Christians refused to recognize Christmas, let alone participate in it. The Puritans in new England even outlawed it. My point is, Christmas today is a melding multiple traditions over generations. It didn't pop up overnight with the decree of a single individual or even a group of individuals.

Your article on Kwanzaa was spot on. My research a number of years ago turned up the same information. Our local school was going to hold a Kwanzaa celebration because the administration believed it was an ancient African holiday tradition. They even thought it had been celebrated and passed down by slaves slaves.

I presented the evidence (with footnotes) and I don't think they celebrated Kwanzaa after that. I don't care if a person wants to celebrate Kwanzaa or Sadie Hawkins Day, that's their business. What I do care about is that the truth behind behind it be told. I detest the con job to make Kwanzaa palatable and acceptable by making it seem revered and rooted in ancient traditions.

Pan-African - I have friends that are native Africans and others who are doing missionary work in Africa right now. Pan-African culture and unity only exists in the minds of Left-wing American loons.

AOW - the Obama pandering to all the holidays was embarrassing at best and offensive at worst. Simple holiday greetings and well wishing is enough. When you try and make it into a campaign speech and go on and on, the pandering is painfully obvious. I've been through nine presidents now. I cannot recall any of them sounding so disingenuous or flippant in their holiday messages as Obama, Even Carter and Clinton didn't strike me that bad.

Odie & USA Admiral - that's because the Obama's are classic narcissists.

Chuck said...

I'm with Alligator, I could care less what people celebrate. They could celebrate a holiday to head of cabbage for all I care.

What I love is how the O's will recognize this fabricated religion while showing disdain for Christianity.

Wait right there while I pretend to be shocked.

Speedy G said...

That a "fabricated" President should celebrate a "fabricated" holiday should come as no surprise to anyone.

Brooke said...

USA: Remember Moooochelle saying that, for the first time ever, she was proud of her country?

I don't think that apple will fall far from the tree.

Odie: Nope. It is like trying to reason with a toddler.

AOW: I don't recall such Christmas (or other holiday) publicity, either. I think you are spot-on; it's just a shill for votes.

Gator: I'm thrilled that you managed to debunk that... well... BUNK that is Kwanzaa!

Due to the school break, we don't (yet) have to deal with the scam that is Kwanzaa in our district.

I'm in my fifth president, and although I don't remember much prior to Clinton (my 'rents are not political animals) I cannot remember such flippancy, either.

Chuck: I'm not shocked, and I'm too weary to pretend to be.

Z said...

I think he's acknowledged the fake holiday of Kwanza more times now than he's been to church since becoming president, right? You know, Obama, the one who said they'd be moving to DC and then finding a church for the family but then said it's too difficult with security? Ya, difficult, but even Reagan, who'd had an attempt on HIS life, attended Bel Air Presbyterian, 20 minutes from me, and never ever disrupted a second of their services...GO FIGURE :-)
Oh, but the Obamas say they go to church at Camp know, where nobody can SEE them.
As Chuck said, who CARES what they do? Just don't lie and say one thing, then do the other.

#($*&@(&*$(#* embarrassing for Black AMericans......being scammed AGAIN

Z said...

by the way, Brooke, WARN US when you have an image of the Obama's kissing, okay? (that's a kiss!?) :-)

Brooke said...

Z: Bwaahaahaaa!!! I hadn't thought of that blatant show of hypocrisy from the Obamas!

Maybe they're having church on a beach somewhere right now... NOT.

And sorry about not warning about the graphically disturbing kiss photo in the link. ;)

beamish said...

I got grape soda and menthol cigarettes in my Kwanzaa stocking.

Didn't everyone?

Brooke said...