Saturday, August 20, 2011

Continued Hypocrisy From the MSM

Try not to be surprised: Bigoted Janeane Garofalo essentially calls Herman Cain an Uncle Tom, goes on to make multiple racist comments; no outrage from the left or the MSM.

Misogynist leftist crook Charlie Rangel belittles Laura Ingraham for being female during a debate; no outrage over this blatant sexism from the left or the MSM.

Obama vacations while thousands line up for job fair; no outrage from the MSM.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

After all HE is the MSM's Messiah ... and the other two are morons.

Always On Watch said...

Charlie Rangel is so unhinged that I really don't have a printable comment about him.

Chuck said...

Garafolo is as flippin nuts as she looks IMHO.

One of the comments on that post is trying to reverse it

Synopsis: white liberal woman comments that black conservative is in the pocket of his party, gets cussed out. Black conservative man comments that black liberals are in the pockets of their party, gets praised.

(Black conservative man is Allen West and his 'blacks are still on the plantation of the Democratic Party' comment.)

They will never get it.

As far as this "Tea Party is racist" bit, that is way past old.

USA_Admiral said...

The cream of the looney left on parade. November 2012 is taking forever to get here.

cube said...

I think the left really thinks the rules don't apply to them. They're above them all.

Ducky's here said...

Janeane you rock.

Brooke said...

Being the racists that Ducky is, I'm not at all surprised that he loves Garofalo's racist comments.

I'm surprised there's no lauding of Rangel's sexism. We've all seen Ducky's misogyny on full display before, particularly when it comes to conservative women.

Z said...

Great post..
Garafalo; did you hear Cain's response? :-)
And yes, Ingraham nailed ol' Rangel and he just couldn't handle it.

I'm glad you posted this cartoon; LOVE says it ALL.