Friday, November 27, 2009

Skip the Trip to Best Buy This Year!

It's Black Friday.

Today, thousands of people will be rude, competitive and inhumane to each other in a mad dash for stuff.

You may recall last year when a person was actually trampled to death over stuff.

I, for one, won't go out Christmas shopping today. The stuff couldn't be on sale enough to justify participating in this commercially created atmosphere of avarice and barbarity.

I might go to the grocery store later today, but because I actually need a couple of things. I sure won't go to a 'supercenter' where all of the crazies will be!

I probably won't be going to Best Buy at all this year:

A Best Buy ad with a Muslim theme is raising questions of how retailers should mark religious holidays.

The ad on wishes Muslims a happy Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday that lasts three days and happens to fall on the extended Thanksgiving weekend.

A message board has been filled with mixed responses since the ad was posted, reports.

One says, "Thank you Best Buy for the Eid Greetings!! I plan to spend more money at BB (Best Buy.) Thank you for being inclusive of various cultures."

Another post wasn't as supportive: "Happy Eid Al-Adha but no Merry Christmas? I assume your next advertisements will say Merry Christmas. Otherwise, I will no longer shop at best buy. I will shop at those businesses which support Christmas."

Best Buy released a statement saying, "We do use the word 'holiday' in some of our advertising because it is meant to be inclusive to everyone. However, just as we have in the past, we will also reference specific holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza in our weekly ads, store signage and other advertising vehicles."

OK, for starters, most retailers don't use Merry Christmas in their ads until they start to feel pressure from the excluded folk's complaints.

Next, I won't support with my dollars a business that is 'inclusive' of a religion that supports the institutionalized repression and abuse of women, hatred of Jews, homosexuals and all of us infidels in general. I will not support with my dollars a business that is 'inclusive' of a religious system that still convicts people of witchcraft!

(By the way, Best Buy... Kwanza isn't a real holiday, but that's a post for another day.)

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