Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gravity Attack.

I know I haven't been reading my friends blogs much lately. I want to thank all of my friends who continue to stop by here.

I've got a good excuse, though...

I broke two ribs Tuesday and haven't been able to sit very comfortably at my desk after work. I broke them when getting out of bed. My foot was asleep and I didn't realize it, and I launched myself into the corner of our dresser after it gave out.

I would've liked to see that one from from an arial view... I bet it was rather funny.

Meanwhile, I tried toughing it out, and going to work, doing laundry, even mowing the front lawn thinking I'd just bruised them, but the pain has increased steadily for the last six days, so I gave up and went to the ER this morning with the suspicion that I'd actually broken one.

Turns out not only one, but two! LOL! *ouch*

I've got some pain medication and the evening off to relax, so tomorrow after work I will do some catching up, or if not, I'll be out on Tuesday which is a day off.

See 'ya!

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