Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Babies and Guns!

It's been a busy weekend! The hubby went out and qualified for CCW, and now only has to fill out the sheriff's application to be legal to carry. Because his weapon is a SA Colt that only fires hardball rounds, we had to go out and get a weapon he can carry everyday! 

Not being much of a Glock or 1911 fan, he wound up with a Bersa ultra-compact .45. I like it... I might steal it when he isn't looking. LOL! 

Now we just have to start stocking up on ammo.

And of course, all the firing I had to clean and oil the weapons. Since I was doing one, it turned into, "I may as well do them all," and wound up doing all four.

Another exciting and incredible thing going on is that my brother and sister are having a baby in about one month!

In honor of their impending joy, I would like to post this handy reference guide to infant care:

Hey, it's gotten me through three times now. ;)

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