Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Huh. Guns DO Stop Crime.

Thank God that someone was armed and put this mad dog down:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CNN) -- "It seemed like it was me, the gunman, and God," said Jeanne Assam, describing her feelings as she confronted a man who charged into her Colorado Springs church Sunday firing a weapon.

Assam, a church security guard with law enforcement experience, fired her own weapon at the invader and stopped his attack, police say.

Police on Monday identified the gunman as Matthew Murray and said he was also responsible for an attack earlier Sunday at a missionary center some 80 miles away.

The two incidents left four people dead, in addition to the gunman, and five wounded.


"He simply showed up on our property yesterday with a gun, with the intention of hurting people, and he did," Boyd said.

Boyd said the megachurch instituted security precautions after the shootings at the Denver area mission center.

Boyd said Assam was a hero in preventing further bloodshed, rushing to confront the gunman just inside the church. "She probably saved over a hundred lives," Boyd said.

"I give the credit to God. And I say that very humbly. God was with me and the whole time I was behind cover -- this has got to be God, because of the firepower that [the gunman] had vs. what I had," Assam said.

"I did not run away and I didn't think for a minute to run away, I just knew that I was given the assignment to end this before it got too much worse. I just prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide me."

She told reporters she had not slept since the shooting, "as I'm sure you can tell."

She said she was on the third day of a three-day regimen of fasting and prayer, wanting to know God's will for what to do with her life, when the shooting took place.

Where there are gun-free zones, there are massacres, as we saw earlier in the week with the deadly mall shootings in Omaha. Evil people know they can go on a killing spree totally unchallenged.

If one person at that mall had been armed, so many people may not have died.

Where responsible people are armed, as is their God-given Constitutional Right, we are able to protect ourselves and the lives of our families. This heroine saved many lives, as her pastor pointed out.

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