Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Go Figure

Once I bought a pair of shoes at Fashion Bug, a local clothing shop. I had a coupon that, if I would just fill in my email address to receive online offers, I would get 50% off. The shoes were already on sale, and with another 50%... You get the idea.

Of course, my inbox now gets regular offers from the boutique. The latest is a magazine subscription offer from their "plus size" line.

(I have marked Fashion Bug as a junk mailer now.)

I captured the image for reproduction here, as I was quite disgusted by it:

(Click to enlarge.)

I couldn't help but fire off an email about this:

I am extremely disappointed with your recent email advertising Figure Magazine with Rosie O'Donnell.

I will definitely not be subscribing, and if I were, I would cancel my subscription immediately.

Rosie O'Donnell is a highly divisive figure whom I find VERY offensive. Her views about the World Trade Center attacks are absolutely unconscionable.

Like the President or not, she regularly and publicly assaults and insults the office of the Presidency, which I feel goes beyond regular discord or discourse, and moves into the territory of hateful vitriol. In short, she looks and makes America look a fool in a world forum.

The editors of Figure Magazine should give serious consideration to whom they decide to devote their magazine.

Thank you for your time.

Here is the customer service page in case you wish to express your displeasure as well. There is also a snail mail addy at the bottom.

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