Monday, February 27, 2006

There is no word on kidnapped journalist Jill Carroll, and yesterday was the deadline set by terrorists for her to be murdered.

Carroll has been missing for almost two months, since Janurary 7th, and was last seen in a tape released on Al-Rai on February 9th.

The group calling themselves the Revenge Brigades are claiming responsibility for her kidnapping, and have demanded the release of all women detainees in Iraq.

Iraqi forces have searched for her; "We are watching the situation closely," said an Iraqi Interior Ministry official.

President Bush, the Committee to Protect Journalists and even Hamas have all called for Carroll to be released.

I hate to say it, but I'm not holding my breath for these scum to release Carroll. They will use her as a carrot for as long as they think she is useful, and then they will dispose of her.

It seems that no good deed goes unpunished when dealing with terrorists; for all the good work and humanitarian efforts Carroll put herself into, she will no doubt still be slaughtered.

My sympathies to her family.

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